Turning Two

Hard to believe but my little pup is turning 2 today! She’s a whopping 75lbs (perfect for her breed) but she still insists on sitting on my lap.  Besides pretending to be a lap dog, here are some of the more peculiar things she does: -sticking her butt up and pushing her face onto the … Continue reading

The Hound & I: Winter Photo Walk

Hope you all had a great time over Christmas and Santa brought you what you wanted.  We brined a 12 lb turkey for Christmas eve dinner, and we’ve eaten most of it.  The brining took some extra time and preparation but given how moist and flavourful the turkey turned out, I highly recommend it.  We … Continue reading

Happy 1st Birthday, My Baby Girl Nala

I can hardly believe it’s been 10 months since we brought you home in that cardboard box…. You cried for your mommy  and your sibling pups.  You were leaving the Island for the first time. I kept a journal of all your early days, documenting when you first took the food we offered, when you … Continue reading

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