Feels Like Coming Home

It probably seems like I’ve disappeared from this blog for a while.  Well, the fact is, yes, I have taken an extended break from writing.  Why?  I’ve just been busy living as opposed to sitting in front of my laptop.  Due to the recent loss of a dear friend, I’ve really been trying to just … Continue reading

Behind the Castle Door

…is a cabin of cedar and glass, perched up high on the cliffs overlooking the sea.  A gargoyle loyally guards the entrance. You saw a sneak peek when I wrote about my magical hike on the Sunshine Coast.  Tucked behind a thick hedge sits a modern retreat sprinkled with antique European details.  The castle door … Continue reading

A Walk In The Woods

Some Instagram favourites from a weekend visiting Sechelt, BC.  We took a short hike with Nala at the magical Gliff Gilker Park on the lookout for earthy mushrooms. We came across multiple wooden bridges that took us over bubbling creeks.  Some were long and wide while others were so narrow only one could pass at … Continue reading

Dreaming of a Sea Castle in Tofino

My dream.  If I could have 2 home beaches anywhere in the world (I need 2), it would be Tofino and Hanalei, Kauai. I’ve already gone to Tofino for a second trip this year since I last took these pics over Easter. Stayed at a cosy cottage called the Surf Shack.  It’s our second stay … Continue reading

Weekender in Whistler

Hope you all had a great Easter long weekend.  Just got back from a surf jaunty to Tofino, meeting up with pals Allie and Allan for little splish splash in the sea.  It’s amazing what a weekend getaway can do for the soul; I always come back feeling refreshed. This post on my previous weekender … Continue reading

You Feed My Soul

If Elizabeth Gilbert had Italy for the “Eat” part of Eat, Pray, Love, then France would definitely be mine when it comes to the art of nourishing your soul.I ate my way through half a dozen villages in Provence, stopping at local cafes, boulangeries, and bistros. I’sle sur la Sorgue, Loumarin, Ansouis, Cadenet, and my … Continue reading


That famous soft golden light of Provence that inspired so many artists. Sweet lavender air. Softy chirping cicadas. And a view towards an ancient chateau.I spent one week in heaven just outside the small village of Ansouis. We stayed in a little farmhouse paradise called Ferme de La Platane, nestled in the valleys of the … Continue reading

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