Turning Two

Hard to believe but my little pup is turning 2 today! She’s a whopping 75lbs (perfect for her breed) but she still insists on sitting on my lap.  Besides pretending to be a lap dog, here are some of the more peculiar things she does:

-sticking her butt up and pushing her face onto the ground (usually grass) to give herself a good face rub
-giving you a “hug” by running back and forth between your legs
-prefers to eat raspberries over strawberries any day
Big Paws

Her Auntie Lara of Benson + the Bear Pet Photography kindly took some photos of Nala over the weekend to mark her 2nd milestone.  For more photos, check out her blog here.

To celebrate her birthday, we’re going to meet up with her other amazing auntie Wanda of Bah Baked At Home where she will receive home-baked doggie treats and a play date with her cousin Kate the Olde English Bulldog.  And tonight, Nala will get a special dinner of Angus steak, wild rice, and peas.  For the weekend, she’s taking a mini break for some sun and surf in Tofino.

All photos courtesy of Benson + the Bear Pet Photography.

See How Nala Celebrated Her 1st Birthday

Nala’s 1st Photoshoot

3 Responses to “Turning Two”
  1. sprinterlife says:

    Feliz Cumple beautiful Nala!!!!! You bring such joy to the world. I\’m very happy that you were born!

    ”The world is mud-licious and puddle-wonderful.” –E.E.Cummings.

    But, of course, YOU already know that!! Go make a dirty splash girl!! You deserve it.

  2. Samantha says:

    Aw, happy birthday Nala! My, how much she has grown since those puppy pics. So funny how they are like pseudo kids to us. We have two dogs… our older one is almost 8 and the younger one is just about 1 and a half. The number one thing about our house that we’re excited for is the backyard – they’ll finally be able to run around whenever they please!

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