It’s A Beautiful Life


Hello again.

So much has happened since I last posted. I’ve broken the golden blogging rule of not abandoning your site and readers, and for that I apologize. But there are times in life where this is a necessity, and the past year of my life have been a whirlwind. I’ve been on an incredible journey, and up until recently my experiences have been too raw and real. In some ways I’ve been avoiding this post because it required me to stop and reflect on everything I’ve been through. I haven’t been ready for that.

Those of you who know me, you know there have been two very special little beings who have come into my life. And they came in the most dramatic of ways, taking me on an emotional roller coaster that danced on the edges between life and death. It’s nearly been a year later since when this all started. Their birthday is coming up quickly.

Finding out that I was expecting twins was the shock of my life.  After a difficult pregnancy, the babes arrived very very early. The experience that we had hoped and envisioned for – a smooth delivery, joyfully taking home two healthy, fat babies, the instant bonding love during the first feedings, went down the drain. My early experience of motherhood conjures up memories of the ever constant beeping of oxygen machines, more medical acronyms than I ever cared to know, and a rotation of a football-team sized medical staff that acted as my children’s life support system.

There is so, so much I have learned from this experience, and I only wish I could share and write about it. Maybe I can someday. All I can say is I am incredibly thankful my guys made it through and are thriving with us to this day. They came home separately, and those days are better than all the Christmas Days I will have in a lifetime. As cliche as this sounds, they are true miracles. They are my warriors and my inspiration to live better, to live more graciously, more gratefully, more fully, every single day.

This first blog in a long time, may also be my last blog…at least for a while. Being the mother to twin infants keeps me busy, not to mention there’s still Nala to care for. I don’t have any desire at the moment to become a mommy blogger..yet.

If there’s anything I can leave you with, it’s the belief that life is beautiful. Even in what may seem like the darkest of times, the sun will shine again. I only need to look at my boys everyday to know this to be true. It really is, a beautiful life.

Photo Credit: Joey Armstrong 


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